V&A Friday Late Special

Dear Mailing List

Londoners and Thames Estuary denizens can find me this Friday evening (Feb 26) at the Victoria & Albert Museum. It’s one of their Friday Late Specials – this month’s theme is Radio.

I’m going to ‘perform’ a few elongated versions of the A-Z podcast. Admission is free, it starts at 6:30 and goes until 10. I’ll be in a room near the ‘ethical’ rum bar on the first floor with a good sound system. Admission is free; come up and say hello.

V&A Friday late

Some of you may be aware that I’ve finished all 26 letters of my musical alphabet and am starting round again. AA will appear March 4 and the alphabet will carry on from there at fortnightly intervals. All episdoes continue to be a click away on www.joeboyd.co.uk and on the iTunes or acast websites.

In early March, I follow Ned Sublette’s siren call to rural Cuba where he’s taking a group of enthusiasts to hear the kind of Afro-Cuban roots music that probably won’t be around too much longer – at least in its non-touristic, unself-conscious form. In my next newsletter, I’ll report on what I heard and saw.