Bayou Maharajah and WTB ticket link


Dear Mailing List,

Almost forgot! Another very worthwhile event is the screening of “Bayou Maharajah”, a documentary about New Orleans pianist James Booker. It’s part of the Everyman group’s “Music Film Festival” the weekend of May 14-15 in London. I’m going to be at the 3.30pm Hampstead screening and answer questions afterwards (I produced Booker’s first solo lp in 1975 and appear in the film.)

I know there is a blur of music docs these days on television, but this one is head and shoulders above the rest and it makes a nice change to see music on the big screen with big sound. Tickets can be booked here:

There are simultaneous screenings at the Everyman in Barnet and Muswell Hill that day, but I can only be at one!

And speaking of booking tickets, I neglected to include a box-office link for the May 12 Nick Drake concert in Birmingham in the previous newsletter. So here it is:

Please stop and say hello if you come to one of these events. In Birmingham, I’ll most likely be camped at the sound controls in the back of the stalls…