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“A Poem Is A Naked Person” and the English Folk Expo

If any of you are near Bristol, England this Monday (November 2) evening – come along to the Institute of Art and Ideas where I’m giving a talk and answering questions. It starts early, at 6pm, which is appropriate for the now-geriatric era which is the subject of the event, “The Sixties”! The location is […]

Jonah, American Epic Session and Les Blank

Due to a glitch on our end, all those email raves about the “Joe Boyd’s A-Z” podcast seem to have bounced back! The problem has been sorted now, so feel free to lob bouquets or brickbats by hitting “reply” to the newsletter. Letter J has just gone up, filled with the “great, thick blubbery rugs” […]


It took a few weeks but JOE BOYD’S A-Z is now available as a podcast on iTunes. I have seven letters up, so you can listen for over an hour! (10 minutes each) Tell your friends, tweet them, facebook them, start a virus…. (If you like it, that is.) Just go to your iTunes store […]

Joe’s new A – Z Podcast!

Last month saw the launch of my podcast, “Joe Boyd’s A-Z”. Each weekly 10-minute episode starts with a track from my collection, which serves as a doorway to talk about memorable recording sessions I’ve been involved in, or to my favourite albums, or to curious histories and remarkable personalities. I’ve spent the last year and […]

My Albanian adventures

  I have been hiding my head in shame for the past month after committing an apostrophe-crime in the editor’s letter I shared with you, right after the other rant about bad grammar!  Thank you to all the sticklers who pointed this out. A somewhat shorter version of the following account of my Albanian adventures […]

My Career As Village Crank

My career as village crank, banging out letters to the editor, is on the upswing! Two letters published in the past three weeks! One in the Guardian, one in the International New York Times. They trimmed them a bit, so I’ll let you read them as nature, well me anyway, intended: To the Guardian: Sirs, […]

New events, Geoff Muldaur and Sam Charters

My somewhat cranky appearance on Radio 4’s “A Good Read” is available now in BBC iPlayer: (The article I mention about the great Lesley Blanch can be read here.) Despite the scowls directed towards anyone who asks when my book on ‘world music’ will be finished, some evidence is emerging of what I’ve been up […]

John “Hoppy” Hopkins

John “Hoppy” Hopkins died at the end of January. Some of you may have read the obituary I wrote for the Guardian or heard my contribution to “Last Word” on BBC Radio 4. The Guardian stayed reasonably true to my original text, but added more facts and removed some of the quirkier passages. Originally, (and within their word-count restraints) it read like […]

Not Van Ronk – Von Schmidt

Dear Mailing List, “I was going to send out a newsletter about “Inside Llewen Davis” and Dave Van Ronk but I’m pleased to say that “The Believer”, that most excellent magazine run by Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida and the great McSweeney’s team have put it up on their “Logger” website/blog. So you can read […]

Event at SOAS with Lucy Duran and Copyright Footnote

Dear Mailing List, This coming Monday evening (Nov 24), I am taking part in an interesting event at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). My music publishing company, Carthage Music (in which I am a partner with long-time colleagues Guy Morris and Catherine Steinmann) is collaborating with SOAS in a study of the […]

Upcoming Events:

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Recent Events:

November 2 2015 – Institute of Art and Ideas – Bristol

Joe will be giving a talk and answering questions at “The Sixties” event at the Institute of Art and Ideas which starts at 6pm. 15 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HB tel: 0117 921 0455.

May 29 2015 – Chinese White Bicycles

The How The Light gets In festival will also include a performance of “Chinese White Bicycles: Live and Direct from 1967 with Joe Boyd and Robyn Hitchcock” on Friday, May 29 at 4.30pm.

May 28 2015 – How The Lights Get In

After the event at Pushkin House Joe will be reprising his talk on music and nationalism at How The Light Gets In festival on Thursday, May 28 at 3pm.